The HDDW for ATES systems offers countless advantages, such as a high capacity at low costs. To this end, it is very important that it be constructed properly.

Step-by-step plan The following steps are required for the construction of an HDDW:

  1. Performing a pilot drill
    A horizontal directional drilling accurately places a thin pilot pipe in the desired soil layer.
  2. learing the drill hole
    To clear the drill hole, a drilling rig pulls a pipe through the drill hole. Depending on the desired diameter, this process takes place once or several times. To this end, the diameter of the pipe increases in the process. The use of drilling fluid keeps the drill hole from collapsing.
  3. Installation of filter system
    When the drill hole is large enough, a mantle pipe is drawn in. The filter pipe is placed inside this temporary mantle pipe. Subsequently, (if required) the artificial screen is applied. The temporary mantle tube is removed, the required pumps are installed and the filter system is ready.
  4. Development of the source
    In order to put the HDDW into use, the source must be developed. This means that the drilling fluid in the system must be removed and the soil composition must be optimised.

Only after development is the HDDW ready for use.

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