Function and possibilities

The principle of an ATES system is simple. In the construction of an ATES system, a system of pipes is installed in a building. In summer, cold groundwater is pumped through this system of pipes. This cools the building. The warmth in the building slowly heats the water. This heated water is returned to the ground.

In winter, the heated groundwater is pumped up to heat the building. The groundwater slowly cools and is returned to the ground once it is cooled.

Mono of doublet

There are two varieties of the ATES system, a mono variety and a doublet variety.

The doublet variety involves the construction of two HDDWs, one for the warm source and one for the cold source.

The mono variety requires construction of only 1 long HDDW. A long blind pipe is inserted in the middle of this HDDW. The filter pipes are installed on each side of this blind pipe, one for the hot source and one for the cold source. In order to prevent thermal short circuits, the blind pipe must be long enough and the direction of the current of the groundwater must be taken into consideration when the system is constructed.

aquifer thermal energy storage

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