Intake for desalination plants is a highly appropriate application for HDDW.
The advantages it has over current conventional systems include the following:

  1. Prevention of the inflow of coarse and undesirable material
    The seabed acts as a filter around the HDDW, thus preventing the inflow of coarse and undesirable material. Fine material, such as sand, is impeded by the artificial screen.
  2. Minimum impact on the aquatic environment
    The low velocity of water inflow due to construction under the seabed means that the surrounding flora and fauna are not adversely affected by the water extraction.
  3. Constant levels of water quality
    Water can be extracted from a single aquifer In addition, both the time that the water remains under the seabed and the response time to changes in the surroundings are longer.
  4. High capacity per well
    The (artificial) screen prevents sand delivery and maintains an optimal supply and discharge of water to and from the filter pipe. This allows high capacity levels per well.
  5. Low costs
    The high capacity level per well means that fewer wells will be needed to achieve the same capacity. This means that less drilling is required for the construction of an intake for a desalination plant and fewer (pumping) systems will be needed. This will reduce investment, energy and maintenance costs considerably.
  6. Less need for space
    As a result of the fewer wells and the horizontal positioning, an HDDW requires less space than vertical wells with the same capacity.
  7. Wide choice of materials
    The HDDW can be constructed with different types of filter pipes.
  8. Marine operations no longer essential
    Normally a drilling head would surface in the sea. By adapting the drilling process, this is no longer required, dispensing with the need for expensive marine operations.
  9. Low maintenance
    The artificial screen impedes the intake of sand and other contaminants. Moreover, because of its composition, this type of screen is easy to maintain.

In short, it represents a durable, cost-saving solution.

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