DMC system: dike monitoring

Ensuring the safety of the people and the environment in a management area – such as the polders and the area behind dikes – is one of the most important tasks of a governmental water board. A dike breach compromises this safety, as a result of which this subject is high on the agenda of the various district water boards. A DMC system (Dike Monitoring and Conditioning system) can stabilize the dikes, reducing the risk of dike failure (a dike breach) and increasing the safety of people and environment.

Dike control and HDDW technique

There are several mechanisms that are able to create an unsafe condition of the dike. Two of these mechanisms can be controlled by the DMC system:

  • Piping; where a water flow causes internal erosion in the dike.
  • Macrostability; where high pore pressures can cause the dike to slide off.

The dike monitoring (DMC) system is able to monitor and control water flow and pore pressure in a dike to prevent dike failure. The IJkdijk experiments have shown that the ability to control the flow of water in the dike has a positive effect on the stability. The HDDW technique is used to install a filter pipe in the longitudinal direction of the dike with a fiber optic cable inside. The cable measures the pore pressure and temperature in the dike and the filter pipe extracts or infiltrates water in the dike to control the stability. Pore pressure and temperature are both good indicators of the status of the dike. In case the pressure and the temperature exceed the ​set values, the dike control system starts to work. A valve is opened and if necessary, a pump will decrease the water pressure in the dike. The DMC system will continuously measure the parameters. Once within the set values again, the valve will close and the pump closes. This results in a dike that will never be in an instable condition.

DMC system real time report

The measured values ​​can be read in real time through an Internet connection. When the DMC system needs to intervene in case of dike failure, this will also be reported in the real time system. The YouTube video on this page will explain the DMC system and dike control furthermore.    

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