Drinking water extraction (from the ground, as well as from the sea) is the most important application of the HDDW. The technology has been developed in association with the drinking water industry. Extensive research has led to a unique technique that, in many situations, offers great advantages over the conventional methods.

Water quality is paramount

In the extraction of drinking water, the quality of the water is the most important thing. It must be perfect and, perhaps even more importantly, must continue to be perfect for the entire life span of the filter system. The presence of bacteria is absolutely unacceptable. After the quality of the water, the operational safety and the reliability of the filter system are the most important things for a water company. In association with KWR and other (drinking) water companies, Visser & Smit Hanab has extensively researched, among other things, the choice of material for the filter pipe, the possibilities for artificial screens, the most ideal method for the removal of drilling fluid and the degree of perforation of the filter pipe. Operational safety and reliability always served as a guideline. The acquired knowledge makes it possible to construct a horizontal water source that is bacteriologically reliable, does not deliver sand, will continue to operate at the desired capacity and is easy to maintain.

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