Groundwater management

Groundwater is an element of daily life in many ways. It is the source for our drinking water, used for thermal energy storage, used for agricultural purposes and unfortunately sometimes is polluted. All these different uses require decent groundwater management. How do we control and guarantee the quantity and quality of the water? HDDW can be used to manage and control groundwater levels in all different uses. Compared to vertical wells, HDDW affects groundwater levels more evenly and limits the effects on the environment. Furthermore, areas that are not accessible can be reached by horizontal drilling. For example, city blocks, nature reserves, canals etc.

Groundwater management system

Groundwater is considered to be a great resource, because it is still present in large amounts with the right and stable quality. However, groundwater extraction or groundwater infiltration can also have some negative side effects, as it draws down or rises the groundwater table, and in this way affect a large region. However, the HDDW method provides a solution for the groundwater management system because it takes up little space, affects groundwater levels evenly and thus limits side effects on the environment.

More information about HDDW groundwater management

For further information about the extraction of drinking water, aquifer thermal energy storage or decontamination, please click the desired menu under the Applications button. You can find further information about the use of the HDDW for water level or groundwater management or counteracting salinisation on the tabs within this application.

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