Water level management

A good groundwater level is vital to people and the environment. Rotting piles, subsiding cities and dried-out forests are good examples of problems caused by fluctuating groundwater levels. Especially in urban areas, therefore, it is desirable these days that the groundwater level and flow can be controlled.

The HDDW as an important tool

The HDDW offers the groundwater manager a powerful instrument to physically deal with the groundwater level. The main feature of this new technology is the fact that it can be used both to extract water and to infiltrate it using the same filter pipe. This allows for raising as well as lowering the groundwater level using only a single facility. As the HDDW can also be installed underneath existing buildings, it is an ideal method for urban areas.

Limitation of negative effects

Regulation of groundwater levels is currently often done using vertical wells. This method, however, is not without its negative side-effects. Every vertical well causes a sudden lowering of the groundwater level due to the extraction of water: a so-called spike. This unbalances the groundwater level. Thanks to their horizontal position, this problem does not occur with an HDDW. The groundwater is only slightly lowered over the full distance of the system, rather than significantly lowered at every well. This makes the impact of the HDDW more evenly distributed and controllable.

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