Soil and groundwater remediation

In many places in the Netherlands, the groundwater is contaminated. Groundwater remediation is a necessary step, particularly near areas where drinking water is produced. In addition to that, control measures are often taken to make sure the contamination cannot spread any further. Current decontamination and groundwater remediation methods, such as digging up the soil and/or drilling vertical wells, come with high costs, greatly disrupt the landscape and environment and are often inadequate for completely getting the problem under control. The HDDW can be used for both groundwater contamination remediation as well as the management or control of this contaminated groundwater. In more arid parts of the world, the HDDW can be a good method for seawater intake and desalination.

Installation of HDDW groundwater remediation systems

For an HDDW, a filter pipe is installed in an aquifer horizontally. With the aid of pumps, water can be both extracted and infiltrated. The HDDW can be deployed in two different ways to control the contaminated groundwater: Construction through the contaminated area. In this way, the filter pipe is positioned in the contaminated area. This allows for the contaminated water to be removed effectively. This is considered direct decontamination. Construction outside the contaminated area, and at a right angle to the direction of the current of the water. The contaminated water is kept in place by extracting and infiltrating water at the right locations. The contamination does not spread over the area, but is controlled so that it cannot do more harm to the environment. This is considered a control measure. A combination of both methods ensures optimum long-term counteraction of the contamination.

Why choose HDDW over other groundwater remediation techniques?

Of all groundwater remediation technologies, HDDW is the most innovative method and a technique that offers many advantages over other groundwater remediation techniques. For example: the HDDW system offers a high capacity, is easy to maintain and also has lower maintenance costs. A detailed description of HDDW’s advantages is to be found on this page.

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