Groundwater decontamination with the HDDW offers the following advantages:

  1. A high capacity
    The (artificial) screen prevents sand delivery and keeps the inflow of water to the filter pipe at an optimum level. This results in a high capacity. This speeds up the decontamination process, and allows for water level management.
  2. Long life-span for management
    An HDDW can be constructed with various types of material used for the filter pipes. These can be adjusted to the situation. In addition, the artificial screen makes the system easy to maintain. This combination means the system has a long life span.
  3. Variable extraction by blinding off parts of the filter
    Because the position of the filter is horizontal, specific parts of it can be blinded off, which means the decontamination can be adjusted to the phase.
  4. Infiltration and decontamination, even in the same filter
    An HDDW is suitable for both infiltration and extraction. This means that purified rainwater can be infiltrated as well, which can speed up the decontamination process.s kan versnellen.
  5. Long filter in a specific layer
    By constructing an HDDW over a long distance, the contamination is easy to control, without serious measures for the groundwater level being required.
  6. Lower maintenance costs due to fewer pumps and pipes
    Due to the high capacity and the horizontal position, fewer sources are required. This means fewer pumps and pipes.
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