Limitation of negative effects

Remediation and management of contaminated water does not have only positive results. One of the most important negative effects of remediation is its influence on the groundwater level. After all, in order to remove and manage the contamination, the groundwater must be extracted.

If the vertical method is used, the effect on the groundwater level is substantial. Many wells are required to control the contamination. In addition to that, the water must be extracted with more power than it is supplied in order to reduce the risk of contaminated water seeping across the control line after all.

The HDDW allows for a filter tube to be installed over a long distance. This is installed at right angles to the direction of the current of the water. Because there are no openings in the control line, contaminated water cannot pass. Therefore, extraction does not require extra power. The extraction takes place with the same amount of power as the supply. This reduces the negative effects on the groundwater level as much as possible.

In the event that it is decided to perform a remediation, the HDDW can be used as an additional measure. The possibility to generate a high capacity enables the HDDW to lower the water level within the contaminated area. The lowering of the water level allows for the reclaimed soil to be removed and replaced more easily. Because it is possible to re-infiltrate purified water using the same filter, the groundwater level can be brought back to the desired level as well.

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