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Also known as guided boring or slant drilling, Directional Well Drilling is defined as the drilling and maneuvering of a bore hole along a specific route in order to penetrate a predetermined underground area. The technique originated in the oil industry but its advantages have since been applied to a multitude of industries.

Directional well drilling is the method of choice for water extraction (HDDW)

Directional well drilling entails much more than the selection of a boring path and angle. It encompasses selecting the proper site-specific survey techniques, choosing the most suitable control tools, researching government regulations, and compiling relevant geological data. In many instances, due to underground formations or the presence of surface structures that need to remain undisturbed containing sources of groundwater beneath them, directional well drilling is the method of choice as it allows for water extraction where conventional vertical drilling would be impossible.

Applications of directional well drilling using one or more HDDW’s include groundwater extraction, thermal energy storage and soil remediation. HDDW’s offer a sustainable solution that reduces installation and operational costs, requiring fewer pumps and pipes and less need for maintenance.

Sites suitable for directional well drilling

Directional well drilling must be carefully sited so that it occurs only in locations with a high probability of success for penetration into an underground water source. Frequently, the most reliable source of well siting information comes through discussion with people who have drilled local water wells and through personal site inspection of area wells. Advanced planning that draws upon a local community knowledge base will substantially increase the number of successful wells and reduce overall drilling costs.

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