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There are over 17,000 kilometers of dikes in the Netherlands and therefore it is of vital importance that these areas remain closely monitored and frequently inspected in order to prevent the possibility of collapse. The DMC System maintains dike stability via real-time data monitoring that occurs from within the walls of the dikes themselves. DMC (Dike Monitoring and Conditioning) technology, invented by Visser & Smit Hanab, relies on a series of fiber-optic sensors placed into a dike inside of HDDW’s, allowing for rapid and automated adjustments to be made if circumstances of high pressure, “piping” or drying out are detected. Piping is when water seeps out from beneath a dike, or through it, as a result of changes in water levels. This carries soil away, over time eroding the ground and weakening the structural integrity of the dike.

The DMC system with HDDW, the ideal combination

After installation of the DMC system, the dike can be kept in optimum condition remotely – and even automatically if desired – through computer-controlled intervention. When the fiber-optic sensors installed in the HDDW detect data on a condition that requires action to be taken, based upon chosen pre-programmed settings, water can be extracted automatically through the HDDW to decrease the internal pressure of the dike, or infiltrated through the HDDW to prevent the dike from drying out.

Benefits of our DMC System

Benefits of a DMC system used in tandem with HDDW’s, compared to traditional dike- strengthening techniques, include the ability for constant, computer-controlled monitoring of the stability of the dike’s embankment, faster detection and reaction to threatening conditions, lower cost, and the ability to install the DMC system in all types of dikes.

Visser & Smit Hanab is a specialist in the field of DMC systems, including HDDWs for groundwater remediation, seawater desalination, groundwater extraction and soil remediation. Please contact us by phone, e-mail or via our website.

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