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Drinking Water Extraction consists of withdrawing, removing, diverting, taking, or collecting of water from ground water sources such as aquifers, springs, wells and pumps for purposes of human consumption. Other water extraction purposes are for use on crops and for other purposes that have a direct link to human ingestion. Drinking water extraction mainly originates from groundwater or spring water, while surface water is used less frequently nowadays. Water for drinking must meet the highest quality standards as a prerequisite for healthy life and be free of pathogens, colorless, odorless – and it must taste good. The Dutch company Visser & Smit Hanab developed the HDDW, a horizontal filter tube which makes drinking water extraction possible on a much larger scale, in every environment, with very high quality water.

About drinking water extraction with an HDDW

Most frequently, water extracted for drinking purposes is in some manner purified during or after extraction, through methods such as chemical coagulation; sedimentation or filtration through sand. Cleaning and filtration of water is also possible by chemical disinfection using substances such as ozone or ultraviolet light, however, these methods are less safe and often more expensive than using an HDDW.

There are also other distinct advantages to performing drinking water extraction using one or multiple HDDW’s. For one, the water extracted through an HDDW is already purified before entering any storage tank. Additionally, an HDDW provides for a much greater drinking water extraction capacity relative to conventional methods. The end result is a substantially lower ‘total cost of ownership’ compared to most other technological options for drinking water extraction.

More information about HDDW and drinking water extraction

A growing number of companies, governments and projects around the world make use of one or multiple HDDW’s for drinking water extraction. Our technique of drinking water extraction has a great number of advantages, such as the large scale on which water is retrieved, the constant high quality of the water and the low impact an HDDW has on the environment. A HDDW can even be installed underneath buildings. Interested in the use of an HDDW for drinking water extraction? Contact us by completing the form on the right top part of the screen.

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