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One of the applications of an HDDW is groundwater extraction. This is the removal of water from the ground either temporarily or permanently. At its basis consists the need for well drilling, pump installation and incorporating a conveyance piping system, although methods that divert water may not always require pumping. Groundwater extraction primarily draws from undergroud water trapped in or flowing through (confined or unconfined) aquifers, as well as from spring water.

Different groundwater extraction systems

Groundwater extraction systems are generally defined as those that pump groundwater from an aquifer over an extended period of time. The specifics of the system vary greatly depending upon the specific conditions at a given site, and the extraction system must be adapted to the unique geological, geographical and environmental conditions at each individual site.

The simplest method of groundwater extraction involves the installation of one or multiple HDDW’s, because this technique of drilling can be done under existing buildings or other structures without disturbing them. HDDW’s can be precisely maneuvered, which is also an advantage in situations where area groundwater is polluted and not to be displaced by invasive boring.

Groundwater extraction uses

More frequently nowadays, groundwater extraction is taking place to be used for thermal energy needs, either using cold water for cooling purposes or warm water for heating needs. Most of the time, however, extracting groundwater takes place for the purpose of providing drinking water for a population, or to use for the irrigation of crops in a multitude of farming applications. For these purposes the extracted groundwater in most instances needs to be purified in some manner in order to be made safe for human consumption. Methods of groundwater purification consist of removing the water from the ground and treating it using various biological and chemical methods, while other in situ methods treat the water within its naturally occurring surroundings before extracting it for consumption or any other use requiring fresh water.

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