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Groundwater Management refers to the process of coordination involved in ensuring the protection of groundwater resources within a specified groundwater basin or geographic area. Groundwater management is considered in many ways to be equally if not more complex than the mechanical processes required for the removal, storage and distribution of the groundwater itself.

Groundwater management by using the HDDW method

Although the technical process can be greatly simplified using the HDDW method to infiltrate or extract water from the ground, its use can also be a factor in winning over local and federal regulators who are impressed with its minimally invasive ability to drill under existing structures, HDDW’s reduced footprint and space requirements and its ability to utilize fewer pumps and pipes, thereby reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The principles of groundwater management

Principles of groundwater management need to be determined based on scientific research, municipal and judicial regulations as well as population-specific needs and objectives. Basic research data incorporating factors such as groundwater fluctuations and water-level trends is essential in order to properly manage groundwater. Additionally, the cooperation of various stakeholders (landowners, utility companies, preservation groups, etc.) is necessary in order to implement any groundwater management plan.

Different groundwater management methods

The foundation of managing groundwater resources lies in achieving efficiency, sustainability and equitable distribution. Groundwater aquifers generally can be categorized as non-renewable or renewable, and because the manner of efficient use varies in each site-specific case, groundwater management is found to be most effective on the local level. Groundwater management also involves long-term planning, therefore using non-renewable groundwater efficiently will take this into consideration since with continued use it will eventually become either physically or economically exhausted (meaning water extraction will become too costly). Renewable sources of groundwater potentially may be used indefinitely as long as extraction and replenishment remain equal. Therefore, using a renewable groundwater resource efficiently requires maintaining a balance between water extraction and water replenishment (stock and flow).

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