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Although the HDD Drill (the type of drill used for Horizontal Directional Drilling) originated in the oil and natural gas industries and is primarily utilized for pipelines, through its integration with modern surveying and steering techniques, a multitude of HDD drill applications have emerged.

HDD drilling methods rely on maneuverable or “steerable” soil drilling systems during the installation process.  With the HDD drill, progress of the drilled hole path is monitored by either a walkover surveying or electromagnetic down-hole navigational system, or both.

HDD drill and it’s working

With walkover monitoring, the HDD drill head is equipped with a sonde (beacon) transmitter positioned behind the drill bit. The battery-powered sonde signal is picked up above the surface by a receiver that relays data about the location, depth, temperature, and orientation of the HDD drill bit.  The alternative or auxiliary steerage system, electromagnetic down-hole navigation, utilizes a series of four electrical cables positioned on the surface directly above the desired HDD drill path. These cables can be placed directly atop pavement and create no physical interference with the flow of traffic. They send a signal to a receiver in the HDD drill head, which then follows the path of the cables while transmitting its location back to an operator’s computer console where, as with either monitoring technique, any necessary adjustments can be made. HDDW is an ideal solution for groundwater extraction, thermal energy storage or soil remediation.

HDDW: the HDD drill method, with a filter tube for water management

HDD drilling is often the preferred choice for the installation of underground utility cables and water pipes ranging from large-diameter pipelines that traverse rivers to small-diameter cable conduits for electrical and telecommunications access – as well as for other purposes such as HDDW’s. Serving as a horizontal ‘well’ with a filter installed to extract and/or filter water, HDDW’s can be used in groundwater extraction, thermal energy storage or soil remediation projects. HDD drill techniques provide the benefit of having no impact on the ground surface environment therefore HDD drills can bore beneath existing infrastructure, bodies of water, dikes or practically any other obstacles without  disturbing them.

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