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HDD Drilling Companies perform directional drilling duties, which can be defined as the underground drilling and precision steering of a passageway or “bore hole” along a specified route in order to penetrate a predetermined underground area. Also called guided boring or slant drilling, this practice began in the oil industry but has since become popular in a variety of industries.

HDD drilling companies offer the best practical solution for all HDDW-related projects

Roughly divided into three major industry sectors, HDD drilling companies undertake large-diameter HDD (maxi-HDD), medium-diameter HDD (midi-HDD) and small-diameter HDD (mini-HDD) projects. Although all are highly similar, differing applications often require modification to system configurations, capacities and methods of HDD drill steering control to deliver maximum cost efficiency. Oftentimes, the existence of  surface structures that must remain undisturbed above areas where drilling is necessary requires the services of an HDD drilling company, as it can be the only practical solution available in many areas where conventional drilling would be not be possible at all.

HDD drilling companies in the Netherlands

The Netherlands-based company Visser & Smit Hanab is one of the world’s largest HDD drilling companies. Visser & Smit Hanab is also one of the ‘inventors’ of the HDDW technique, a streamlined approach to water extraction and infiltration that consists of installing a horizontally drilled well equipped with a filter element to simultaneously extract and purify groundwater sources for drinking, thermal energy storage, industrial use, desalination or soil remediation purposes, among others. By fulfilling this dual purpose as well as requiring fewer pumps and pipes, less maintenance and achieving higher capacity than conventional sysytems, HDDW’s can thus deliver substantially lower installation and operational costs.

The responsibilities of HDD drilling companies far exceed the selection of a boring path and angle and installing the necessary underground apparatus. Duties such as the selection of the best survey techniques to use for a given site, choice of the most appropriate control tools, awareness of government regulations, and the gathering of pertinent geological data are also required.

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