Seawater filtration

The filtering of seawater has emerged as one of the major methods of providing fresh water. Multiple methods are used to gain and then filter seawater, such as beachwells, open intakes and HDDW’s. This article is mainly focused on the use of HDDW’s for seawater filtration. Using an HDDW for seawater filtration makes the further desalination and cleaning process shorter, because water that comes from an HDDW is already filtered from much more dirt than other seawater filtration installations normally do. An HDDW is placed under the sea and uses the sand of the sea soil as a first filter.

Seawater filtration increases in demand

Increasing worldwide demand for fresh water has motivated scientists to experiment and devise new methods of seawater filtration. One such process involves freezing the seawater to form pure water in solid form as ice crystals. The drawback of this method is extremely high cost.

However, any seawater filtration process that begins using an open intake is made more difficult and costly by a high quantity of dirt and other debris being introduced into the tube, making it more time and energy consuming, and therefore more expensive, to filter the extracted seawater.

Usage of the HDDW method for seawater filtration

Usage of the HDDW method decreases the energy requirements and increases the efficiency compared to an open intake setup because substantially fewer contaminants are drawn through to the final distillation or filtration device. As a result of the HDDW being installed through the sandy soil below the seawater, it uses the existing soil as a natural area filter, making further cleaning of the water less time and energy consuming, saving considerable expense in the process.

Beach wells offer another attractive option for small seawater filtration operations, but they cannot meet the demands of larger volume situations without cost-prohibitive installation of the several beach wells necessary to extract the same amount of seawater that a single HDDW can provide.

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