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Soil remediation involves the removal of harmful contaminants found in soil. Contaminated soil is mainly present in the ground at industrial sites, landfill dumps and energy production plants, but the accumulation of heavy metals and organic compounds is also present in soil used for agriculture. One way of soil remediation, is using an HDDW.

Strategies of soil remediation

Soil remediation strategies range from excavation to incineration or bioremediation. Excavation may involve simply removing contaminated soil via heavy equipment and hauling it to a secure landfill area, but it can also include the aeration of the removed soil when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present. Recently, ex situ chemical oxidation has been successful for contaminated soil remediation.

Soil remediation with HDDW

When HDDW is used as part of an overall soil remediation strategy, the continued state of water purification is ensured after the soil pollutants are initially removed by the addition of this extra layer of filtration provided by the HDDW technique to prevent any new contaminants introduced to the soil from entering the water supply after the soil remediation process.

More information on soil remediation

Current, advanced techniques such as the bioremediation and phytoremediation of contaminated materials have also been successful for on-site soil remediation. Additionally new in situ chemical oxidation technologies are gaining popularity for soil remediation that involve injecting polluted soil with powerful oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone gas, potassium permanganate or persulfates. Further methods successfully employed include electroremediation, bioventing and soil vapor extraction. Multi-Phase Extraction (MPE) can be an effective soil remediation strategy when both soil and groundwater require treatment simultaneously.

Soil remediation possibilities for you

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