Thermal Energy Storage

Are you looking for information on thermal energy storage? A recently developed technique that is often applied for thermal energy storage is an HDDW. HDDW (Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells) is not only used for Thermal Energy Storage, but also for other purposes such as groundwater remediation and desalination of seawater.

Thermal Energy Storage – how does it work?

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) encompasses a variety of technologies used in a wide array of industries and applications with the main goal of storing thermal energy so that it can be used at a later time for heating or cooling purposes. Differing from many other forms of energy storage, thermal energy storage does not generate a form of electricity but instead its output is thermal energy that is used to provide or augment heating or cooling capacity.

Reduce costs by using Thermal Energy Storage

Most frequently used to provide cooling capacity in commercial facilities, thermal energy storage is an often overlooked element of the developing market of energy storage systems. TES systems are increasingly becoming considered as a cost-effective method of shifting electricity use away from daytime peak hours to less expensive periods of the day or night, resulting in considerable cost savings and increased energy system efficiency.

Usage of HDDW for Thermal Energy Storage

A distinct advantage of using the HDDW technique for thermal energy storage is that HDDW methods have the ability to create thermal energy storage on a larger scale compared to other thermal energy storage solutions.

Forms of thermal storage, including molten salt storage, may be used in conjunction with solar energy generation facilities, storing the energy collected from daylight for use either during the night or at another time. Thermal energy storage traditionally tends to be utilized as part of an overall energy-supply strategy to replace or expand an existing cooling system. This is a particular strength of the system and is also where it can provide the greatest economic benefits. For more information on the topic of thermal energy storage and/or the unique HDDW system, please feel free to contact us.

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