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Presentation HDDW as a reinforcement of dikes for the Buisleiding Industrie Gilde (BIG) in the Zoo of Antwerp

Last Thursday, November 14th, Ruben Rothuizen has given a presentation together with Harry Bos of the sister company VolkerWessels Telecom, about HDDW as a method to reinforce dikes. The presentation was held for the Buisleidingen Industrie Gilde (http://www.bigleidingen.org/), the branch organization for companies that are involved in the development, design, construction or maintenance of pipe lines.

The Dike- Monitoring and Conditioningsystem (DMC) uses the HDDW-technique to extract water from a dike. Measurement sensors in the HDDW determine when the system should start the extraction of water to prevent the dike from collapsing as a result of sliding away or piping. By extracting water from the dike, the safety of the dike will not be placed at risk. This is of great importance of the regional and national water works, who maintain and are responsible of the Dutch dikes.

The DMC-system can be applied at several locations in the Netherlands. Especially when a lot of housing is present along the dike, this technique ensures the least inconvenience for the house owners and environment. In some cases, the houses would even have to be demolished to make the dikes safe again. The DMC system can prevent this together with a cost reduction of up to 75% compared to traditional techniques.

The Buisleidingen Industrie Gilde was enthusiastic about the – for them – still unknown application of pipelines. They also raised attention to the presentation and DMC-system on their Twitter (https://twitter.com/BIGLeidingen/status/400997308869128192). The possibilities and applications of HDDW are spread further and new chances and possibilities have been found. We will keep you informed on that.

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