Burmanstraat project

Since October a Waternet and Visser & Smit Hanab contruction team is busy replacing the polder drains in the Burmanstraat in Amsterdam. Polder drainage originates from the years 1920-1930, after the development was further increased in the surrounding area. Drainage of rainwater, groundwater and sometimes wastewater was no longer possible. Because of this, it was decided to disconnect the wastewater and to drain the rainwater and the groundwater using a polder sewer. These sewers are in poor condition. As a result, 3 pilot projects have been defined: 1) Replacement by open excavation 2) Replacement by controlled auger (no-dig technique) 3) Replacement by horizontal directional drilling (no-dig technique) The 1st pilot has already been implemented. Replacement of the polder drains to the Burmanstraat is the 2nd pilot. The location for the 3rd pilot will probably be the Vondelstraat. From a sheet pile tub in the street, Visser & Smit Hanab replaces the polder drains by providing a PVS pipe with a sand gravel pack. Due to this combination of filter tube (instead of a drainage tube) and a sand gravel pack (instead of coconut or polypropylene fibers) a durable system is created. The system is easy to clean. The dirt that, in course of time, has accumulated around the filter, is removed and not being pushed back into the ground.  The new polder sewer is deeper than the lowest existing groundwater. The iron formation in the filter will be greatly reduced in comparison to other drainage systems. The drainage depth of the new polder sewer can be varied. In this way, flooding of gardens and basements of residents can be prevented, as well as the drying of pile foundations. An additional advantage of the application of the sand gravel pack around the filter is that the entire bore hole is filled. This way, subsidence can be prevented. The nuisance is thus reduced to a minimum. It is expected that the new polder drains will be fully functional in January 2011.

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